Open Field

Open Field is a three-volume digital magazine. It was available for iPad but newer versions can’t display it. Content came from women, proceeds went to the charity CARE to help women in disadvantaged communities.  

Everyone who worked on the magazine or contributed their work did so without payment. None of us works/ed for CARE – we simply wanted to support their amazing work by donating money from the sale of our publication.


Issue One

Contributors included:

Writers Fatima Bhutto, Joanna Hershon and Anne Summers 

Poets Sue Goyette, Guadalupe Muro and Annik Adey-Babinski

Photojournalist Amira Al-Sharif

Cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Writer-filmmaker Emma-Kate Croghan

Artists Louise Weaver and Lucy McRae

Musician Sally Seltmann

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.17.48 PM.png

Issue Two

Contributors included:

Writers Claire Messud, Elif Shafak, Emma Donoghue, Ondine Cohane, Julia Baird, Kelly Gardiner, Meg Mundell, Tara June Winch, Sarah Darmody and Lily Brett

Photographers Erica McDonald, Aga Luczakowska and Irina Popova 

Poets Clea Roberts and Claudia Coutu Radmore

Musicians Sweethearts

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Issue Three

Contributors included:

Writers Kate Tempest, Elizabeth Weil, Clare Wright, Dr Leah Kaminsky, Kirsten Krauth and Myfanwy Jones

Editor-in-Chief, the Yemen Times, Nadia Al-Sakkaf

Writer and boxer Mischa Merz

Poet Alicia Sometimes

Artists Wangechi Mutu and Jongmee

Rabbi Susan Silverman